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Become a courier with Udriver You have as many as 8 apps to choose from!

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Become a courier

Why is it worth working
for an application?


No boss over your head, flexible schedule or spontaneous joining of work, payouts every 7  or 14 days, juggling between orders of various applications - working as a courier in  Udriver is a number of advantages. See if this is something for you!

Attractive earnings

With the application, you can earn extra money and earn a decent amount - thanks to  numerous bonuses and the ability to work in several applications at the same time. You  decide. And you can change your mind.

Quick start

You can start working within a few days. All you need is a bike, scooter, scooter or car. You  don't have anything like that? Let us know!


Apps you can ride with in Udriver:
Bolt Food
Uber Eats
Xpress Delivery
Bolt Food
Uber Eats
Xpress Delivery
Bolt Food
Uber Eats
Xpress Delivery

Check what you need to get started

You don't need much to work with the delivery app! You must have any vehicle at your disposal, a smartphone with Internet access and - last but not least - be polite. 


You can use a car, scooter, bike to work,and in some cases you can walk on foot.


Some applications (like Żabka Jush or Stuart) prefer couriers with communicative  Polish or English.


The required age depends on the application. In the case of: Wolt, Stuart, Deligoo and  Xpress Delivery, you can work from the age of 16 (with the consent of legal guardians).

We help

Everything else - from formalities, through insurance, to settlement, we will organize for you and to you. Bet on Udriver.

How much does it cost?

We charge almost all applications for the lowest rate on the Polish market - only PLN 19. The settlement amount is fixed, regardless of how much you get paid.
Jush, Uber Eats, Bold Food, Stuart
19 PLNa week
Glovo, Wolt (every week or 2), Xpress Delivery
19 PLN every 2 weeks
76 PLN per month
Become a courier

Start working as a courier


Create an account in the Udriver panel, select your preferred applications and sign the  contract.


Read the email we will send you and follow the step-by-step instructions. Then our supervisor will call you.


Order work equipment (thermal backpack) or pick it up from us.


Download the app you want to work with and hit the road!

What are we asked about most often ?

Find out what questions bother employees the most and check the answers.

We offer you as many as 8 delivery applications on which you can work as a courier. 

Each has slightly different terms of cooperation. If you do not know which application to choose, please contact our service office at or +48 730 717 178.

You can work with multiple apps at the same time. Contact us to activate more applications for you.  You do not need to sign many contracts for this - one contract with us is valid for all of them.

You, as a courier, cannot be directly employed in most transport applications - unless you run your  own business with the appropriate PKD profile (polish classification of businesses). 

In addition, working in the application may cause you some problems, taking into account, for  example, the need to book each delivery as a separate invoice. Udriver, as a fleet partner - and thus  your accounting office - facilitates this work by acting as an intermediary between you and the  application. We are responsible for your ZUS (Social Insurance), paying contributions and taxes in accordance with Polish law, and most importantly - timely sending your paycheck. 

Moreover, we offer you many benefits: discounts on fuel, half of the VAT refund on cost invoices,  bonuses for referring a friend, etc. If you have a problem to clarify, our courier service will be happy  to help. We are here for you!

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Competent people work in the office, the service is nice, I quickly got the certificate I asked for.  Beside that, salary is always on time, I have no complaints. Thanks ;)

Marta Borowiecka

Professional assistance in every case. All licensing procedures and formalities went quickly. I  recommend!

Kuba Koszakowski

Good and quick contact. Many benefits from cooperation. No problems with receiving help.

Natalia Jabłońska

Good service and nice team. I wanted to work as a taxi driver, they helped with everything.

Вадим Грушевский

I have been working with Udriver for over a year. Payout is always on time, very good contact and  support. I honestly recommend it!

Jevgenii Leontiev

I haven’t encountered any problems while working with them and the settlement fee is low compared to other companies.

Radosław Grochowy

I am satisfied with having Udriver as a work partner. Hotline service is always polite and they always  provide information I’m asking for. I have never waited long for an answer.

Ela Gałda

I truly recommend it. Whenever a problem or question occurs they provide support and help. There is  nothing to complain about the payouts either.

Piotr Zasada

A good partner, you can earn legally + specific help in handling the papers and apps.

Jakub Borowiec

We’ve been working together for over a year now.  I can recommend. Payouts are always on time. Quality service, I  received answers for all of my questions.

Алексей Чумак

A new job?
You can start right away.

Become a courier