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If you want to make deliveries by car or motorcycle, you must have the appropriate permissions  (driving license category B or A). The vehicle does not have to be yours - it can be rented. You can  always take deliveries by bike or scooter. Remember that when deciding to work with a combustion  vehicle, you have to take into account additional operating costs (fuel). Do you want to find a golden  mean between convenience and work economy? We recommend taking a Capacity e-bike (electric  bike) to work. Charging the battery costs you only about PLN 0.40 and you can ride it all day long!  The bike has 3 support modes, so you decide on an ongoing basis whether you want to get tired at  all :) 

No - you work when you want and as much as you want. Some courier applications allow  you to work without a schedule, others require you to sign up for specific hours in advance - but in both models, you decide when you will have time to work.

A courier delivering shopping and meals in our delivery apps travels an average of 31 km during  one (several hour) shift. However, record holders can travel up to 120 km a day! Fortunately, with  Udriver, you decide how much you want to work.

You must be 16 years or older to work with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. However,  we may not recruit you for some applications until you are 18 years old. This results, among others,  from from the restrictions and regulations of applications that offer alcohol delivery.

1. Age: min. 16 or 18 (depending on the application you want to work in). 

2. Vehicle: own, borrowed or rented from us :) It can be a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car or  even a scooter. 

3. High personal culture and cheerful disposition! We are looking for couriers who are polite  and communicative. The work of a courier is actually a big responsibility - he represents not  only our company, but also the application and restaurant (or store). Remember that the  customer has the opportunity to evaluate the service, and thus - to leave a tip. 

4. Knowledge of the topography of the city will also be useful, but it is not necessary - you will  be guided by navigation in the application all the time!

Yes. In order to legally start cooperation in any transport application, a mandate contract is  necessary (unless you run a business, then you can cooperate on a B2B contract). No other  form of cooperation is compliant with Polish law and we advise you against choosing a  partner that does not provide one of these contracts. Don't worry - it's easy! The contract is signed online on the Udriver panel.

- Contract of mandate or mandate plus rental or B2B contract, 

- Flexible working hours, you literally work when and how much you want, - Earnings between PLN 22 and PLN 55 gross per hour. A lot depends on where you  are, how long you spend at work, the hours you choose to work, the vehicle you use,  and the app you use. These rates are often accompanied by additional quests or  bonuses (e.g. for doing 20 courses during the day, etc.) - you can see information about  them in the application you work with, 

- Udriver charges the lowest commission on the market - only PLN 19, regardless of the  application you use. This fee applies to the active billing period - e.g. in Glovo and Wolt it  is 7 or 14 days, in Uber Eats, Żabka Jush, Stuart, Bolt Food it is 7 days. If you do not work in  a given settlement period, no commission is charged, 

- An extensive application that allows you to track earnings and costs as well as news, - The opportunity to get PLN 50 for each invited person. By inviting new people to  Udriver, you will receive PLN 50 in 2 installments (the first and second time your friend  receives a transfer from us) PLN 25 each.

These brands are technology companies - they provide technology, i.e. an application  that enables the implementation of courses. They do not hire and do not handle HR  issues. The only form in which you can cooperate with them directly is business to  business (B2B), i.e. when you run your own business with the appropriate profile (PKD)  and settle your taxes yourself. Here, an important issue is also the support in each of  these applications, which works efficiently in the offices of legal fleet partners. Direct  contact with the application is difficult or even impossible in some cases. We - the billing  partner - will discuss with you the rules of work in the application, equip you with the  necessary equipment and guide you through the recruitment process. Then we will  continue to be at your disposal in case of any ambiguities or problems at work.

Yes. If you have already accepted a contract of mandate at, we register  you with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), so you have insurance.

Work in the application is work on a contract of mandate. By cooperating with us, you will  be registered with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and you will receive health  insurance. In this case, after starting cooperation, you should deregister from the Labor Office  as unemployed.

Yes! You can take invoices for fuel, service, car parts and other tools that are necessary for your  work, and we will refund you half of the VAT.

You can take invoices for fuel, service, car parts and other tools that are necessary for your  work, and we will refund you half of the VAT. Then, invoices should be uploaded to the  Udriver Panel in the first week of each month for the previous month.

Cost invoices related to the purchase of fuel, service and other issues related to the car must include  the registration number of the vehicle provided in the panel to the contract.

These apps offer a fun way to earn money with hours that are completely tailored to your lifestyle,  while exploring the city and staying fit. The job of the couriers of these apps is to deliver food from a  restaurant or shopping to a customer. Transportation can be made by car, scooter or bicycle. They  receive payouts every 7 or 14 days. Join us and earn comfortably in your free time!

Some apps have the option to work from a company vehicle. This is how Żabka Jush, Wolt and  Deligoo work in selected cities. The vast majority, however, do not offer them - here we come to  help! In larger Polish cities, we provide couriers with electric bicycles at a very low price. Our e-bikes  have been created in consultation with experienced suppliers, strictly for the needs of transporting  food and shopping. However, if you prefer to work on your own vehicle, you must indicate what you  will be using - we allow cars, bicycles, motorbikes, scooters and scooters.

Statistics from 2023 show that Glover's average earnings in Poland are PLN 29.41 gross per hour, and  the average remuneration for one delivery is PLN 13.20 gross. If you work about 8 hours a day, 5  days a week (20 days a month), you can earn between PLN 4,500 and PLN 5,000 gross per month.  For comparison, the hourly rate of couriers on the platform was only PLN 19.90 gross (data  at the end of 2022).

The Glovo courier is a user of the Glovo Couriers application who carries out deliveries for  customers. Work requires high personal culture and moving around the city, so if you like helping  other people by delivering what they need on time - we invite you to join the group of Glovers!

To start working at Glovo, you just need to create an account in our panel, and then register at Glovo.  To do this, it's best to open an e-mail with instructions from us and follow the step-by-step process - watch a short online information session and upload the required documents. The last step is to get the  equipment: a thermal backpack and a vehicle for work - you can pick up the backpack at one of our  Udriver offices or by mail order from Glovo, and when it comes to the vehicle, it's worth renting an  electric bike from us. Ask our consultant about the rules of good work in the Glovo Couriers  application to always have a great result of excellence - and that's it, you are ready!

To become a Glover, you must be of legal age and operate a vehicle (bicycle, scooter, car, scooter - you can also use our electric bike!). Then sign with us and register with Glovo.

We are able to activate your account right away - but only if there is an open recruitment in your city.  In practice, this means that a new Glovo (Glover) courier can wait for activation from 5 minutes to  even 60 days. Fortunately, in some cases, it only occurs for a few days. It is worth checking the  schedule of recruitment events on our facebook, because there you meet us and a Glovo  employee, and thus we activate your account, control how the application works and issue the  equipment right away.

Your payment will be transferred to the bank account provided during registration in our panel. Earnings will be assigned to you first, and at the end of the day (if they exceed the minimum amount to be paid out) you will generate a transfer. Depending on the bank you choose, the money can arrive instantly or up to 2 business days.

Glovo settlements are carried out every 2 weeks (select the length of the billing period in our panel, usually on Wednesdays. Check on our panel whether the newly earned funds have already been assigned to you - if their amount  exceeded the threshold of the minimum amount  to be withdrawn, you should receive a transfer at the end of the day!

Glovo operates in most cities from early morning to late evening - 7:00 to 23:30. In some cities,  Glovo also offers 24-hour services, but most of Glovo's orders are deliveries from restaurants that are  closed at night - so it's not worth counting on high activity at night.

The fee for the equipment is PLN 120 and can be collected on site (in our office or at a recruitment  event) or from your first two settlement periods, in installments of PLN 60 from each period. If you're  in a city where we don't have a physical office, you can also order a Glovo bag to be shipped from us.  The surcharge for the shipment is PLN 20. To do this, make a transfer of PLN 140 to the account  number: 

PL 28 1090 2398 0000 0001 4876 5359 in the title of the transfer by entering your name + e-mail + fee for the  Glovo bag. 

P.S. Glovo equipment is technically a backpack - but the name "bag" has already been adopted. In  fact, you carry/carry your order in a backpack equipped with thermal walls and comfortable straps,  allowing you to comfortably carry even a heavier order. 

Contact us so that we can send you an invitation to join our fleet or we will give you the data  to connect yourself. If all documents on your partner account are active (highlighted in green), you can now execute orders. Have a safe journey!

Żabka Jush is an application that allows you to order instant shopping. Wondering what? It's about  Żabka's assortment - small errands, light packages. Your task as a courier is to deliver them to the  customer's address as quickly as possible - so that no more than 15 minutes have passed since the  order was placed. Hence the small radius of the area served by each dark store offering delivery - the  courses are max. 3 km. Żabka couriers are one of the most satisfied groups of suppliers in our industry  - between courses they wait in a chill room, where they have a rest area, the ability to leave their  belongings, charge their phone, as well as discounts or vouchers for drinks and snacks. Join their  group and earn… Jush!