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I started with Uber myself and this is the best application to start an adventure as a  driver. There are plenty of orders, even though I am working in a small town.

Marcin, 45

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What is Uber?

Uber probably needs no introduction - it has already entered the world  of movies, series or music as a modern synonym for a taxi. The application is widely known  among customers and drivers in most countries in the world. It is famous for its very competitive rates.

The creators of Uber introduce improvements every year, thanks to which it beats competing applications in popularity.


A car with the brand's logo, equipped with a neon taxi and a passenger transport license - that's practically all that  separates you from starting to work with Uber.

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Why should you get along with Uber?

You have a payment in your account every week.

And always on time! You won't be able to spend it, and the next one will be on its way.

You work when you want - at any time!

Without a schedule and boss breathing over your neck. 24 hours a day - you choose when you  want to work.

Popularity of Uber means more trips for you

And the rate usually doubles during rush hours and at night

Udrivers like this app the most!

It is intuitive and convenient. Most of our drivers ride with Uber.


The number of drivers who work for Uber with us


The average monthly salary of our Uber driver


The average earnings per course with Uber app


The average number of trips made by a driver during a week


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What can we provide to you?

We are drivers ourseleves – we know what kind of support you may need at every stage of  using the application. At Udriver we go beyond the standard offer of a fleet partner. See how  do it.. What can you expect from Udriver?

Check the terms of cooperation – and you'll like it

Our work means constant support, fuel discounts, tax service, insurance and much more. You should focus on catching orders, polite driving and representing the company. And if you feel like it - integration with other Udrivers who create a cool community, including you. All this for only PLN  50 + 1% of gross earning per week. The week you don't earn - you pay nothing. To start working, you must provide a criminal record certificate.

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For work you need a car (four- or five-door) that will pass an inspection in  terms of the taxi function. Other requirements? Place for minimum 4 passengers, good  technical condition, the car cannot be older than 20 years and has to be well  maintained. Both inside and outside.

Don’t have a car? We will rent you one.


Apply! Go to driver’s panel, register and sign the contract.


Ready? Wait for a call from our account manager and let’s start with an extract from  the transport license. Check required documents

You can get a clean criminal record here. Document should be in paper form or on a medium: flash drive or CD. We will  also invite you for psychotests and car inspection. 

Any problems? Write to us:


We will create a driver account in the Bolt Driver application for you.  

Download the app here: Google Play, App Store.

Remember to use the same data as in our panel.  

And hit the road, Jack!

Have a questions? First, see what others have asked - maybe they had the same doubts!

Our licenses allow you to work for Uber in the following cities: Kraków, Poznań, Białystok,  Śląsk, Tricity, Warsaw, Wrocław, Bydgoszcz, Częstochowa, Elbląg, Gorzów Wielkopolski,  Kalisz, Kielce, Koszalin, Legnica, Lublin, Olsztyn, Opole, Płock , Radom, Rzeszów,  Szczecin, Toruń, Wałbrzych, Zielona Góra, Łódź.

The average earnings of a driver in the Uber application in 2023 is 43.89 PLN gross per hour (data  as of March 2023). A driver earns an average of 17.35 PLN gross for a single trip. This means that  by working about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (20 days a month), you can earn PLN 7,000 - 8,000 a month. 

Contact us so that we can send you an invitation to join our fleet or provide you with data to  be connected yourself. If you have all the documents on your account active (highlighted in  green), you can already make trips. Otherwise always contact us. Have a safe journey!

At this stage - i.e. incorrect operation of the Uber application - contact Uber support. If they  don't help you, please contact us. We help solve any problems.

Uber currently charges 25% of the turnover of drivers  who have all documents correctly uploaded to their account. Remember, however, that 23% VAT is also deducted from this commission.

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Competent people work in the office, the service is nice, I quickly got the certificate I asked for.  Beside that, salary is always on time, I have no complaints. Thanks ;)

Marta Borowiecka

Professional assistance in every case. All licensing procedures and formalities went quickly. I  recommend!

Kuba Koszakowski

Good and quick contact. Many benefits from cooperation. No problems with receiving help.

Natalia Jabłońska

Good service and nice team. I wanted to work as a taxi driver, they helped with everything.

Вадим Грушевский

I have been working with Udriver for over a year. Payout is always on time, very good contact and  support. I honestly recommend it!

Jevgenii Leontiev

I haven’t encountered any problems while working with them and the settlement fee is low compared to other companies.

Radosław Grochowy

I am satisfied with having Udriver as a work partner. Hotline service is always polite and they always  provide information I’m asking for. I have never waited long for an answer.

Ela Gałda

I truly recommend it. Whenever a problem or question occurs they provide support and help. There is  nothing to complain about the payouts either.

Piotr Zasada

A good partner, you can earn legally + specific help in handling the papers and apps.

Jakub Borowiec

We’ve been working together for over a year now.  I can recommend. Payouts are always on time. Quality service, I  received answers for all of my questions.

Алексей Чумак

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