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See what others have asked

See what others have asked

How much you earn depends directly on you. In this job, no one imposes the number of  hours and work schedule on you - you decide on the amount of time you spend. The average  earnings of a driver in our taxi fleet in 2022 amounted to as much as PLN 40.91 gross per  hour. A standard taxi fare (in the city zone, a distance of several kilometers) is PLN 15-20.  This means that by working about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (20 days a month), you can  earn PLN 7,000 - PLN 8,000 a month. Our most active drivers in Warsaw, who drive more  hours, can earn up to PLN 10,000 per month.

We transfer the earned remuneration from the Uber, Bolt, FREENOW platform once a week  (usually on Mondays/Tuesdays). The billing period is 7 days, from Monday to Sunday.  However, we are working hard to implement daily payouts - coming soon!

If you drive your own car, you decide how many trips you want to make. When you use a car  rented from us, you must complete a minimum of 80 of them.

You have to: 

- be over 20 years old, 

- have a category B driving license or higher, 

- have a car not older than 20 years old. In addition, the car must pass an inspection for  suitability to work in a taxi. The vehicle does not have to be yours. If you do not have a car  that meets the conditions, it is possible to rent an economical car from us.

No. If you do not have a car that meets the conditions, it is possible to rent an economical car,  fully prepared to work in a taxi.

The car to work in a taxi must be 4- or 5-door; have current insurance and inspection, be not  older than 20 years; have an annotation "TAXI" in the vehicle registration document. In the  latter case, please contact us - we will show you our partner vehicle inspection station.

No. A car that meets the above requirements can be registered for a member of your family,  friends or company.

Cities where we have cars for rent: 

Warszawa - contact: +48 537 373 331, 

Wrocław and Poznań - contact: +48 730 717 178,

Kraków - contact: +48 537 373 138,

Gdańsk - contact: +48 537 383 230,

No. The license is for our company, but the driver needs a copy of the license. We are the  ones who apply for an extract from our license for you.

We provide this document to Udrivers free of charge. 

The waiting time should not exceed 4 weeks, however, the process of obtaining an extract  and the pace of work of offices is different in different Polish cities. For details, please  contact our office closest to your place of residence: 

Warszawa: ul. Tagore 3, tel. + 48 537 373 331,

Wrocław: ul. Gen. J. Bema 2, tel. + 48 531 573 436,

Kraków: ul. Przewóz 39,, tel. +48 537 373 138,

Gdańsk: ul. Słonimskiego 6/13, tel. +48 537 383 230,

Łódź: ul. Więckowskiego 1/1U, tel. +48 537 303 532,

Work in the application is work on a contract of mandate. By cooperating with us, you are  registered with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and receive health insurance. In this  case, after starting cooperation, you should deregister from the Labor Office as unemployed.

Yes. If you already have a mandate contract approved at, we register  you with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), so you have insurance.

What is the minimum age from which I can work as a taxi driver? Uber, Bolt and FREENOW accept drivers who are at least 20 years old.

Uber, Bolt and FREENOW accept drivers who are at least 20 years old.

The necessary documents are:  

- a criminal record certificate, 

- medical and psychotechnical certificate of no contraindications to work as a taxi  driver, 

- ID card or passport, 

- valid category B driving license.

Yes. This document is necessary to work as a Taxi driver and to register a driver in Bolt.  Remember, however, that this certificate is only valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

No. You run the courses based on a contract of mandate, thanks to which we pay the due  contributions from your earnings in accordance with the law.

Of course it's worth it! Even if you run your own business, cooperation with us will save you  time and accounting costs. The number of invoices to be settled is reduced to one. Customer  invoices don't show your company name, only ours. However, if you decide to work on your  own business, remember to extend your PKD to include passenger transport or food delivery.

Our commission is PLN 50 + 1% of the gross amount for an active week - regardless of how  many apps you use. If you do not drive in a given week - we do not charge a commission.  Remember, however, that the partner still has to pay 8% VAT on the amount sent by the  application (Uber, Bolt, FREENOW). You work with us legally.

- contract of mandate or mandate plus rental or B2B contract, 

- flexible working hours, you work literally when and how much you want. The Uber, Bolt  and FREENOW applications operate 24/7 (remember, however, to take sufficiently long  rest breaks, the driver should not work more than 9 hours a day), 

- earnings between PLN 25 and PLN 65 gross per hour. A lot depends on the place,  time of day, rush hour, topography and traffic, and even the vehicle used for work. The  above rates often include additional quests or bonuses (e.g. you have an extra charge  for doing 20 courses during the day, etc.) - you can see information about them in the  application, 

- discounts on shopping, service, fuel cards allowing you to save up to PLN 0.15 per litre, 

- a mobile application that allows you to track earnings and costs as well as news, - PLN 50 for each person invited to work with us. By inviting your friends to Udriver, you  will receive PLN 50 in 2 installments of PLN 25 each (when your friend receives the first  and second settlement from us).

The task of fleet partners is to organize drivers willing to work in the application, and  then enable them to work by handling their contract of mandate. Uber, Bolt and  FREENOW do not employ drivers - they are tech companies. They provide technology,  i.e. an application that connects the passenger with a potential driver who can accept  the course. It is the partner who signs the contract with the driver and is responsible for  paying him social security contributions and taxes - and making payments. However,  when working with taxi applications, a passenger transport license is also important, an  extract from which will be provided to you by a legally operating partner.

Cost invoices - e.g. for service or fuel for work - should be uploaded to the Udriver Panel in  the first week of each month for the previous month.

Yes, cost invoices related to the purchase of fuel, service and other issues related to the car must  include its registration number.

Feel free to contact us by phone: +48 531 573 436 and by e-mail We are also available on Messenger, Telegram and Insta. And if you want to order a phone call, click  the “ join Udrivers team” button.