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This is the best shift work offer in Wroclaw! I make good money and work on a new Toyota Corolla with LPG. I recommend!


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Why is it a good idea to work shifts?

Working in a shift system is a revolution for ride-sharing drivers, offering a range of benefits. Firstly, it provides the flexibility to adjust schedules to individual needs, crucial in the dynamic world of transportation. Drivers can freely plan their work, enhancing comfort and enabling them to align duties with their lifestyle.

Additionally, our system ensures fair compensation. Drivers receive up to 55% of the turnover generated on popular platforms like Uber, Bolt, FREENOW. We bring transparency to earnings, eliminating uncertainties associated with traditional compensation models.

How does the shift mode work?


Shifts last 12 hours: from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.


You provide your availability until Wednesday at 12:00 for the upcoming week.


The schedule is set on Thursday for the following week, so you have time to plan your duties.


Settlements for the past week are made every Wednesday/Thursday.


Last week earnings record


Number of cities where we operate as taxi service


Number of cars in our fleet


Amount of days needed to activate new driver account

What can we do for you?

Working at Udriver means comfort, satisfaction, full support of our team, and, of course, high earnings. What can you count on when working in shifts at Udriver?

  • Assistance in legalizing your stay and work
  • You don't have to own a car - you get one from us
  • Legal employment (contract of mandate or B2B) 
  • Excerpt from taxi license 
  • Insurance 
  • Fuel card
  • Medical tests for drivers
  • Car fully adapted for taxi
  • Personal supporter  
  • Drivers forum 
  • Instant contact channels: Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • Bonuses for Udrivers
  • Integrations and events 
  • Referral program
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Taxi work in shift mode. Best offer!

Up to 55% from turnover for you! If you complete an average of 30 trips on shifts, we offer a settlement of 55% for you. On average, 20 to 29 trips -> settlement at 50% for you. On average fewer than 20 trips -> settlement at 45% for you.

The percentage rate will be determined based on the average from the shift schedules at the end of the settlement week.

The settlement fee is 30 PLN weekly.

✔️ You'll receive a fuel card from us, meaning we cover the costs of fuel and vehicle maintenance.

✔️ If there is any damage to the car caused by the driver, it will be charged according to the tariff.

✔️ Cash collected from the customer is treated as an advance.

For a better understanding, we've prepared an example for you:

Let's say you earned 1500 PLN for completed trips - part in cash (500 PLN) and the rest by card (1000 PLN). With a 50/50 settlement - 750 PLN is for you. This means you'll receive 250 PLN via bank transfer because you already received 500 PLN as an advance.

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Competent people work in the office, the service is nice, I quickly got the certificate I asked for.  Beside that, salary is always on time, I have no complaints. Thanks ;)

Marta Borowiecka

Professional assistance in every case. All licensing procedures and formalities went quickly. I  recommend!

Kuba Koszakowski

Good and quick contact. Many benefits from cooperation. No problems with receiving help.

Natalia Jabłońska

Good service and nice team. I wanted to work as a taxi driver, they helped with everything.

Вадим Грушевский

I have been working with Udriver for over a year. Payout is always on time, very good contact and  support. I honestly recommend it!

Jevgenii Leontiev

I haven’t encountered any problems while working with them and the settlement fee is low compared to other companies.

Radosław Grochowy

I am satisfied with having Udriver as a work partner. Hotline service is always polite and they always  provide information I’m asking for. I have never waited long for an answer.

Ela Gałda

I truly recommend it. Whenever a problem or question occurs they provide support and help. There is  nothing to complain about the payouts either.

Piotr Zasada

A good partner, you can earn legally + specific help in handling the papers and apps.

Jakub Borowiec

We’ve been working together for over a year now.  I can recommend. Payouts are always on time. Quality service, I  received answers for all of my questions.

Алексей Чумак

And take your first trip.

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